Coupon Craziness

HI!!!!! Today’s post is for my daughter who works retail. I worked retail for Foley’s way back in the day and loved it. I still do except for the pay and of course putting up with rude and thoughtless customers and corporate people. I picked her up from work and like usual asked her day was. After she told me, I decided to write this for her so let’s get to it.

So here is the scenario. Customer comes in and wants to use a digital coupon she received in her e-mail. Ok, no problem. However there is. She screen shot the bar code on the coupon only. When the customer got to counter there was a problem with the coupon and of course the customer wanted to throw a fit. Well, was the coupon expired? Did she not have the minium purchase amount needed to use the coupon? Was the coupon for a different store entirely? If you have a digital coupon, please screen shot the whole  e-mail, not just the bar code. For all anyone at the store knows, you are trying to scam.  Thank the criminals  for that one. The whole nasty exchange  could have been avoided if she had screen shot the whole thing because there are  numbers and such that the store can you to straighten out a problem on the coupon. I will say that I do understand why she screen shot the bar code, the store in this story does not have good internet service so the customer could not just pull up the e-mail there in the store.


Then my daughter had another lady that had the actual coupon and it was take $20.00 of a purchase of $ 100.00 or more before tax. As usual, no on reads anything anymore and the lady did not make the whole $100.00, she got to $94.00. So she went around the looking for things to make the $100.00 total. When the total was at $120.00, she said that was too much and proceeded to start over looking for other items. The total was $110.00 and that was still too much. This went on for over 30 minutes, taking up the cashiers time as well as other customers because each time she had to argue then say the amount was too much and so on. Next time lady, just reach around and grab a pair of socks or head band to make the last little bit for the total. No one wants to wait on your stupid self. You irritate everyone and this is why brawls will start in stores.

Also, do not go into a store, shop around, make your purchase then come back an hour later wanting to use a coupon you found in a coupon book or through your e-mail. Seriously, people will do this. And as usual no one reads the coupon… There of course was a problem, you cannot use that coupon on clearance items and of course that is what the customer had. You can guess the rest of the scenario.


READ THE SIGNS!!!! When the sign say “Buy one get the second one half off.” that means you have to buy one item and the second one is half off. Not that you buy one item and it is half off, unless of course that is what the sign says. Read the whole sign people!!!! Why is that so hard?

So the lesson for today is: 1) READ THE COUPONS AND SIGNS BEFORE YOU GET THE CHECK OUT. 2) Quit being an ass about the coupon. BE PREPARED!!! 3) Do not screen shot the bar code only. You will have problems at check out and everyone will think you are trying to scam. If you cannot print it out and know you may have a problem with the store, screen shot the whole e-mail. Each part can be expended to read it. Pre-plan and get your shit straight beforehand and things will be go smoothly when all is said and done.

So until next time, Bye!!!!



Help Me Help You….

As I bring up my system in the morning preparing for the barrage of phone calls, I wonder how many stupid calls I will get. I know that sounds harsh and rude but it is true. There are truly stupid requests that are made. I ran across a customer service meme that says “A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.” How true that is. There are so many irresponsible people out there that it boggles my mind.

One of the irritating calls a rep can get is from someone who has not information. And example would be a call from an agent wanting status on a claim for his client but he does not have a policy number to start with, then once the rep locate the policy he doesn’t have the date of service or the amount. How the hell is the rep supposed to help you when you have no information? I had an agent get irate with me and just wanted the claim information. I ended up telling that I can give him claim information. Whether or not it is accurate I do not know because he has no information. He proceeded to get pissed. How the hell is any rep supposed to help when you have no information? We are not mind readers. Get you your information in front of you. Policy numbers, account numbers, service numbers whatever it is. Don’t expect to get mind readers on the phone that will just know what you want and give it to you.

So to sum up this short post, please get all your information in front of you before you call. When you help me help you, it goes so much better and you get better customer service. Just one of the ways to start of on the wrong foot and piss the rep off is to not be prepared. This is just one of the many stupid calls Reps get. Stay tuned for more.



Are you a Good Customer?


Hello and good day! I know it has been a while but rebuilding a house yourself is very time consuming. So I am sorry for not being here like I said I would. But we are in the home stretch now and hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be construction free. I am so excited. So anyways……..

I work in the insurance industry and work in the call center. When you call the 800 number on the back of your card, that is me. All call centers, doesn’t matter what industry it is in, have meetings and trainings and such on how to give good customer service. And yet there is nothing for you folks on how to be a good customer and believe me there are many of you that need that training. People seem to think that because they are a customer we have to bow down to them and do what they want when they want and fix their problem immediately. Well I will tell you, the more rude and demanding you are the less inclined anyone is to want to go above and beyond to help you. You will get the bare minimum of assistance.  I do have to ask, Why are you so rude?

Here are a few scenarios. I had a man call and the first thing out of his mouth was how mad it made him that option 2 on our phone tree was for cancellations. I mean it really pissed him off. And he proceeded to lay into me about how wrong it was to have that option. Really! That is  why you are upset? Another is upset because his account was drafted for his premium, like every month on the same day and he didn’t have enough money in his account to cover the premium and when we drafted it caused overdraft fees. So instead of sucking it up and realizing his error, he calls us to complain and demand we pay the fees. Uh, No! Not our responsibility to make sure you have money in your account. Another person was outraged that we sent him a second notice of premium being due. How dare we send that to him like he wasn’t going to pay. Uh, well you are already 30 days past due otherwise you would not be getting a second notice. On the flip side another person wanted us to call him every month to remind him his premium is due. You can’t see it, but I have a completely blank look on my face. No, sorry. No company is going to call you every month to remind you that you have a premium due.  And people? Just because you pay a premium for something for someone does not mean you get to control the account and change things on it or out right cancel it. I understand you may be helping someone out, but do not yell at the person on the phone because you can’t change an address. Anyone can pay a bill or premium for anyone else. Does not mean you get to control the account.

There are so many scenarios in which people act like complete asses that I could probably write a book. I will be expanding more on this as time goes on and give tips to get what you want and guess what? None of them involve being nasty or having a superior attitude. So until next time…………….



Take a look at CSInformant

Hi!!!! And Welcome!!!! I have actually been wanting to start a blog or something of some sort but have not been able to come up with something I thought people would read or something that has not already been done many times over. Well, I have finally come up with something! Do to circumstance changing in our household, some things have been shifted around and because of that, this idea came to me. There is numerous information on Customer Service. How to be a good service rep or the 10 commandments of customer service, how to handle difficult clients and so on and so on. There is nothing out there on how to be a good customer.  And yes I know the first thought is “so what? They are there to serve me and help me.” And yes while people who work with the public are there to help you, they are not your personal punching bag. Your personal servant. They do not deserve your scorn, disdain, nasty attitudes, your sense of entitlement, that they are there to serve you no matter what. While that may true in some aspects, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get the best customer service and that the person helping you will do the absolute bare minimum that they need to, to help you and you better hope they don’t do anything to mess up your account, because reps will do that. That letter you are needing for financial aid may never make it to you because you were rude and why should they help you when you won’t help them?

This is also for the Company’s themselves. How you treat employees and care only about your benefits and perks and making sure you get that yearly bonus for doing nothing but sitting in meetings or having those business lunches or rounds of golf. Not really doing anything when an employee makes a complaint, not following up on things. Taking away perks and benefits from your employees but not relinquishing anything from yourself. I am personally tired (and I know numerous people who feel the same) of management getting away with certain things in their treatment of employees.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely terrible Customer Service Reps out there and that is unfortunate. But for every one bad Rep there are multitudes of really good Reps.

So yes, I am doing this for all of us who deal with the public and the Corporate Moguls we all work for. This is a heads up on how to be a good customer and overall company. Stay tuned for the next post. TTFN!!