To give Customers/Consumers and Companies the inside scoop on what actually goes on with the Customer Service Rep. How workplace complaints are really handled and the systems that are used and changed out for other systems that actually make it harder to do the job. Outsourcing different aspects of services, which is very inconvenient for both the customer and the rep.

How to obtain good customer service and get what you want. How to talk to the person you need help from and have a nice experience. Not to be afraid of collections and ignoring those calls. Other tips and tricks and to realize that the rep helping you is not psychic.

Give information on Company’s that just do not follow their own Ethics Policies and all disagreement of employees. To report those Company’s that want to outsource services which is inconvenient for Customers and Employees but “save” the Company money.

Many people working Customer Service are tired of the rude, nasty, self entitled people who are also lazy. We are tired of being treated like children or that because of the job we do that we do not deserve respect or equality. We are people too. We have bills to pay and children to raise and illness’s to deal with just like you. We all need help, no need to be rude to the person trying to help you.