Take a look at CSInformant

Hi!!!! And Welcome!!!! I have actually been wanting to start a blog or something of some sort but have not been able to come up with something I thought people would read or something that has not already been done many times over. Well, I have finally come up with something! Do to circumstance changing in our household, some things have been shifted around and because of that, this idea came to me. There is numerous information on Customer Service. How to be a good service rep or the 10 commandments of customer service, how to handle difficult clients and so on and so on. There is nothing out there on how to be a good customer.  And yes I know the first thought is “so what? They are there to serve me and help me.” And yes while people who work with the public are there to help you, they are not your personal punching bag. Your personal servant. They do not deserve your scorn, disdain, nasty attitudes, your sense of entitlement, that they are there to serve you no matter what. While that may true in some aspects, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get the best customer service and that the person helping you will do the absolute bare minimum that they need to, to help you and you better hope they don’t do anything to mess up your account, because reps will do that. That letter you are needing for financial aid may never make it to you because you were rude and why should they help you when you won’t help them?

This is also for the Company’s themselves. How you treat employees and care only about your benefits and perks and making sure you get that yearly bonus for doing nothing but sitting in meetings or having those business lunches or rounds of golf. Not really doing anything when an employee makes a complaint, not following up on things. Taking away perks and benefits from your employees but not relinquishing anything from yourself. I am personally tired (and I know numerous people who feel the same) of management getting away with certain things in their treatment of employees.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely terrible Customer Service Reps out there and that is unfortunate. But for every one bad Rep there are multitudes of really good Reps.

So yes, I am doing this for all of us who deal with the public and the Corporate Moguls we all work for. This is a heads up on how to be a good customer and overall company. Stay tuned for the next post. TTFN!!